Birthed during the 1979 football season when the first ever and very successful "Rider Pride Rally" was catered and organized by former Rider players.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders Players Alumni Association Inc. has had a long and proud history. Football is the ultimate team sport. Successful outcomes are established through healthy relationships built on Trust, Honesty, Respect, Hard Work and Sacrifice. These qualities are what forms the unique brotherhood that professional football demands and creates the legacy of forever friendships.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders Players Alumni Association Inc. had its vision birthed during the 1979 football season when the first ever and very successful "Rider Pride Rally" was catered and organized by former Rider players. It was this event that inspired the idea of creating a formal organization. Several meetings followed as the frame work for a constitution began to come together. After more meetings with amendments and modifications, an acceptable form of the constitution was complete. On October 18th, 1980 former Roughriders players gathered at the Molson House to officially launch the Saskatchewan Roughrider Players Alumni Association and its first executive was formed, consisting of the following members:

  • President - Bill Clarke
  • 1st  Vice President - Ralph Galloway
  • 2nd Vice President - Gino Wlasiuk
  • 3rd Vice President - Pete Martin
  • Secretary Treasurer - Larry Bird
  • Homecoming Game Chairman - George Reed
  • Membership Chairman - Don Walsh

The original 13 members who made up the 1980 Alumni member roster were; Gord Benton, Jim McFaul, Jack Arnett, Scotty Bisset, Bill Clarke, Ralph Galloway, John Bell, Sully Glasser, Adam Faul, Don Walsh, Wayne Pyne, Gino Wlasiuk and Larry Bird . On December 20th, 1980 a special meeting was held at the Plains Hotel, to discuss the planning of the next major Alumni event which would be titled "The Homecoming" it was decided that Sunday July 12th, would the Big Day and Bill Clarke would be the Alumni liaison to the Roughriders Management Committee. On February 19th, 1981 the "Saskatchewan Roughriders  Players Alumni Association Inc." was Incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the province of Saskatchewan. The Primary Objective of the Alumni would be to promote good fellowship amongst its members and to secure and retain relationships with all those who are members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club. To further the cause and to assist the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club in all of its endeavors. To assist any other organization in the promotion of charitable, educational or any other benevolent objects as the Alumni sees fit. This giving spirit has been the driving force of the Alumni, through the years, appearing at community events and charity opportunities. In 1993 the Roughrider Alumni organized their first Charity Golf Tournament in order to raise funds for the various charities they support. This event, the “Roughriders Alumni Charity Golf Classic" would continue to be held annually and will forge into its 22nd edition in 2015. The Alumni Golf Classic remained the only Alumni event until 2013. 2013 was a pinnacle year for the Roughrider Alumni, a new vision was cast on the premise that if we wanted to give more we had to become more. An aggressive campaign began with focus on growing membership and more alumni sponsored events. New executive was put in place to lead this charge. That included Terry Bulych as President, Dan Rashovich as Vice President and Rob Pyne as Treasurer. 2013 would become the perfect year to launch this new vision, with Saskatchewan hosting the 2013 Grey Cup. Life got very busy for the Roughriders Alumni as 3 additional events were added to the calendar. The Saskatoon Autumn Golf Classic in September, a Charity Poker Classic in October and the Whiskey and Wine Festival in Moose Jaw in November. The commitment and hard work paid off, the success was unprecedented, the Roughriders Alumni has arrived and will continue to work hard to be relevant ambassadors for minor football throughout the province, while continuing to look for partnering opportunities with benevolent charities. Rider Nation is who we are! Lets continue to celebrate this incredible relationship!