Alumni Auction

Throughout the years, the Saskatchewan Roughrider Alumni have supported such organizations and charities such as: Regina Minor Football, Saskatoon Hilltops, Regina Thunder, Kids Sport Camps, Leibel Field restoration, Saskachewan Sports Hall of Fame, Moose Jaw Minor Football, Erhlo Society youth programs and the Gordy Howe Bowl restoration.

In the past, all of our funding was realized through one event we've hosted annually for 15 years, The Rider Alumni Charity Golf Classic. As such our resources have been minimal which has limited our giving ability to $10-15,000 annually.

In January of 2013 the Rider Alumni decided to do more in support of minor football and youth programs throughout our great province and launched an aggressive, ambitious program of events throughout the year, with the expectation of increasing our funding stream in order to have a greater impact on our support recipients.

Thank you for your continued support!

Terry Bulych
President, Saskatchewan Roughrider Alumni